A Configuration Guide To Setup Linksys E2500 Wireless-N Router

setup linksys e2500

Linksys E2500 Wireless-N Router is used to interconnect one or more wired or wireless devices with each other. In addition, it comes with the following beneficial features.

  • It delivers up to N300 + N300 megabits Speed N600 (300 + 300 Mbps).

  • Additionally, it brings speed and reliability as well to your existing internet connection.

  • Dual Band simultaneous (2.4 + 5 GHz).

  • Advanced and up-to-date wireless security.

  • QoS (Quality of Service) traffic management.

  • Parental control, guest access, easy to set up and install.

Now, let’s get started with the setup process of your Linksys E2500 Wireless-N Router

Access The Linksys Router’s Browser-Based Utility

Connect your laptop or a computer with the Linksys router.

Launch an internet browser.

Enter the default IP address of your Linksys device i.e into the URL bar field of the opened web browser and log into your router’s browser-based utility.

Provide the default login details into the required fields and login.

Navigate To The Setup Menu

  • Hit on the tab displayed as ‘Setup’.

  • Go to the “Basic Setup” page.

  • Visit the basic setup page

Enter into the first DNS (Domain Name System) resolver

  • Now, what are you supposed to do is to enter in the field of “Static DNS 1”.

Enter into the second DNS resolver

  • Enter in the field of “Static DNS 2”.

Enter into the third DNS resolver

Enter in the field of “Static DNS 3” or you can leave this field blank also.

At last, save your settings by clicking on the ‘save settings’ option.

Your Linksys E2500 Wireless-N Router has successfully been set up.

Facing setup issues? Then make sure you have done the following.

  • Running an updated firmware on your main wireless router.

  • Place the Linksys device closer to the existing and up-to-date WiFi modem.

  • Also, make sure that your device (computer/ laptop) is physically connected to the Linksys WiFi router.

  • Your Linksys device supposed to be placed openly, neither behind any device or under table nor inside cabinet.

  • It shouldn’t be overheated. If you found it throwing heat, shut it down for a short piece of time.

  • Clean it regularly with a dry cloth. Do not cover it as it can generate heat.

configure linksys e2500

If you are still facing issues, then opt for resetting your Linksys device

Well, there are probably two (2) ways to reset your Linksys E2500 back to factory defaults:

Using The Reset Button

Disconnect all the devices first that are connected (wired or wirelessly) connected to your router.

  • Grab any thin object like in or paper clip.

  • Insert it into the reset hole of your Linksys router for a few seconds.

  • Once the LED lights on your device started blinking, release the button slowly and carefully

Using Linksys Router’s Web-based Setup Page

  • Launch a web browser.

  • Enter in its URL bar field.

  • Press Enter.

  • Fill the login credentials (personalized or default) into the required fields.

Log in to your Linksys router’s web-based setup page.

  • Go to Administration.

  • Hit on ‘Factory Defaults’ options.

  • Finally, hit on Restore Factory Defaults.

In these two ways, you can reset your Linksys smart WiFi router. You can make use of any method. Here, we will suggest you to use the very first method. It is quite easy.


So, our guide to setup Linksys E2500 Wireless-N Router ends here. In this post, we have given easy to execute steps to setup as well as to reset your device.

There isn’t any chance that you face any trouble. If one goes still over some issues, then ask us to resolve them all by dialing a toll-free number 1-844-726-2255