Linksys Extender Login

Linksys Extender Login page allows you to set up and install a brand new extender with ease. Also, you can manage various settings of Linksys Range Extender in accordance with your WiFi needs. is the web address through which Linksys WiFi Range Extender Login page can be accessed. The login page asks for username and password which can be found on the extender manual or setup CD. However, both the manual and configuration CD usually gets misplaced or lost. In such case, you can ask our expert technicians for help at 1-844-726-2255. Working day-in and day-out, our professionals’ team offers free solutions to all your queries instantly.

Connect Linksys Extender to Computer for Login

For accessing Linksys WiFi Extender Login page, there is a need to connect Linksys Range Extender to a computer or laptop. You can make a connection between the extender and computer by following two ways:

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect both devices with each other.
  • Connect the extender and computer via a wireless connection.

In case you configure the extender via Linksys Extender Login page for the very first time, it’s recommended to go for wired connections. The best settings of range extender and router are WPS settings. If there are WPS settings for Linksys Extender, simply press WPS button. Once done, a fast internet connection will be available on your smart devices like computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet and a lot more.

Linksys Extender Setup

Find the current status of extender through Linksys Range Extender Login

With the help of Linksys Range Extender Login page, you can even find the current status of WiFi Extender device. If you get to know the status of Linksys Extender, other details like IP address, network name and MAC address can be easily found. Let’s have a look at the complete steps to find status of Linksys Extender devices:

linksys extender login
  • Connect the computer and extender with one another.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • Launch a browser and enter in the address bar.
  • Linksys WiFi Extender Login page will open.
  • Fill in the username and password in given fields.
  • Once you are on the configuration page, go to device information section.

A new page will appear which shows all the information about connection type for Extender Linksys device, subnet mask that you device use, assigned IP address as well as default gateway. However, you can change them as per the requirements. If any step troubles you during Linksys Extender Login, contact our skilled technicians at 1-844-726-2255.

How to change Linksys WiFi Extender Login password

Sometimes, users face issues while accessing linksys wifi extender login page. One of the main reasons of this problem is that they forget the admin password. All possible configurations of Linksys Extender can be managed via If you want a secure extender network, make sure to create a strong admin password. To change Linksys WiFi Extender Login password, walk through the steps mentioned below:

  • Connect Linksys Range Extender to computer system wirelessly or in a wired manner.
  • Launch a browser on computer and open
  • As soon as you press the Enter key, Linksys Extender Login page will appear.
  • Use keyboard to type username and password.
  • Click on change password option.
  • Type the old password and then the new one.
  • Re-type the new password.

range extender login

At last, hit save settings button before leaving Linksys Range Extender Login page. For any technical assistance and guidance, give us a call on 1-844-726-2255. Our technical experts will guide you each and every step accurately so that you face no issues during linksys extender login or Setup at all.